260 m²
«townhouse with charisma»
Signature style

The design of this project will remain relevant for decades. The secret of its «immortality» lies in a unique formula: classic+modern+lots of bespoke ART.

The townhouse turned out to be mega-charismatic. The interior purposefully exhibits a masculine essence, reflecting the strong character of the owner. At the same time, numerous details, natural textiles, and ART objects add coziness and softness.

Given the preset dimensions of the rooms, we created a sense of freedom and voluminous space through the use of built-in furniture under panels of a single texture, French cabinets, and a multi-level unique ceiling. I worked on it separately as an art object: in the living room, it is adorned with moldings, while in the bedroom, beams are interestingly designed with modern lighting.

A «rock» made of natural marble with a chipped surface became the focal point of the guest area. It serves as a support for the TV and for zoning. This theme is supported by the stone at the base of the kitchen island. Against the background of floors made from burnt natural wood, this looks striking and harmonious.

An interesting solution was chosen for the children's rooms, which can be transformed into bedrooms for teenagers or rooms with other purposes by replacing carpets and decor elements, a change that can easily be done without renovation work.

A classic floor lamp of a historical model in a modern execution combines classic motifs with sharply modern trends, creating a unique and harmonious interior together.
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