472,1 m²
Signature style

This Dubai apartment was designed for a family with two children. The request was for a warm, cozy interior. And that's not all.
The project is different from the others with many art objects embedded in each area. Art is found in all forms here: from the large-scale glass panel in the hallway to the sink installed in the guest bathroom. Many of the objects are functional: just look at the seated man-shaped chair and the chair in the boudoir table area in the master bedroom. It was important for the clients to weave motifs of Russian culture into the modern interior – this is evoked by the elements stylized as napkins, which Russian grandmothers love to knit, and the native birch trees – one of the main symbols of Russia.
The basis of the color scheme is total white, a lot of decor in natural shades of wood, with the addition of warm orange and yellow shades. Light undoubtedly leads its part in this work, adding volume and color accents.
The apartment includes everything you need for a comfortable life: areas for family gatherings and large companies, for entertainment and recreation, areas for work and sleep, areas for privacy and relaxation with a massage table and chairs in front of the panoramic windows and views of the sea.
The residents of this apartment will live and raise their children in a space that includes so much artwork that it can be considered an art object itself.
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